I have the most horrendous back pain this evening.  It’s like someone has jammed a broken whiskey bottle into my upper spine and twisted… only without the delightful anesthetizing effects of the whiskey.  Oh well, I guess my chiropractor will be happy to see me again so soon.  By the by, if you’re living in Madison and in need of a good chiropractor I recommend looking up Dr. Nieses at LSM clinic on East Wash.  He’s very good and hasn’t managed to make me feel worse than when I came in since I started seeing him about two years ago.

Although it doesn’t do much for the shrieking sensation I am feeling in my upper back at the moment, it is worth mentioning that I have also aquired a cool new toy!  It’s called the Intuos 3 touchpad and it allows me to control my computer and design freehand with the stroke of a pen.  This little gem is the first professional grade pen input device that I would be willing to use at a price I can afford to pay.  I’ve been gazing longingly at them from across the lonely depths of the internet for some time now and have finally managed to get one of my very own!  Yay!  Here’s a picture of it sitting on my desk at work.  Once I finish a few upgrades to my home computer (gotta put in a few new parts to make way for CS4) I will begin carting it to and from my home office each day.  Check it out!

my new intuos 3 touch pad!