NINJA Tour Tracks & More New Art

Had a great idea for some new art tonight while I was snapping a few pics of my little appartment (now available on facebook if you’re interested). I’ve got this really cool leather bound German Bible from the 1800s… and unfortunately it is falling apart and in a generally tragic state of disrepair. There have been varying degrees of closeness to tossing it out numerous times over the years since I aquired it (after it was rescued from a Milwaukee dumpster by my dad, I think). With all the cool wood print art and hand-set lettering it would be a shame to just get rid of it, so I’m going to unbind it and turn it into an installation art piece taking up one or two of the walls in my spacious and luxuriant living room. The cielings are pretty high so I could probably use most of it. For the short term I’m thinking I’ll temporarily affix the pages to some wide shipping crate paper that I’ll, ahem… “appropriate” from the warehouse at work tomorrow and kind of try out a few different configurations (don’t worry, I intend to pay for the few cents the paper is worth). I tend to prefer a friendly yet somewhat utilitarian and uncluttered vibe in my living space, so I’ll have to be careful in my choices with the final contraption. All that gilded German text lying around could give the room an ominous feel, but we’ll see. If it turns out good I’ll post a few pics when it’s up and feeling cute.

Also, on a somewhat unrelated note, I happen to be on the Nine Inch Nails email list. If, like me, you are a fan of Trent Reznor and grindy electro syth cut your ears off and sell em to an angry gypsey warlock music, you’ll enjoy a little something I’ve uploaded to my website for you… a new sample album with brand spanking new and non-commercially released tracks by NIN, Jane’s Addiction, and a new band that I’m still deciding if I like called “Street Sweeper.” It’s pretty good, and Trent doesn’t seem to care if you pass his stuff around the internet on blogs and whatnot, so if it sound’s like something you’d be interested in click the link below. It will start an automatic download of a compressed folder containing the new songs, which you can then save wherever you like, then “unzip” and simply drop into your NIN folder in your mp3 collection (and yes, the songs are in mp3 format – I still don’t approve of the itunes file type even though they have gotten rid of the silly DRM stuff). As a heads up it is relatively tame in regards to content, but being Nine Inch Nails, some of the songs may not be appropriate for kids of a certain age. Please use your good judgement as far as that is concerned. Enjoy and good night!

Ben C.