harrumph and hizzah…

This past week has left me feeling exhausted and uncertain. It’s funny how comfey we get and how utterly convinced that one day’s routine will naturally flow into the next. It’s definately been a topsy turvey time in BenWorld, but on the whole I suppose I can’t complain, even if I want to sometimes. Maybe I’m like garth in the first Wayne’s World when he smashes the crawling plastic robot hand with a huge mallot and menacingly intones… ‘we fear change.’

On the bright side, it has been my experience in the past that most times of rapid-paced and not-necessarily-welcome change (pretty good for someone who has sworn off the hyphenate on principal, eh?) usually leads to a period of real growth and positive new directions later down the road. I’m just waiting for my wave to curve back up again. Go for it little wave! You can do it! Okay, I should probably go to bed soon.

One cool thing, I learned how to integrate JavaScript into web forms tonight at school. That means I’m one step closer to being able to create fully customized and interactive web applications as well as dynamic web forms to do fun and amazing things while still looking very very pretty! Wait a minute… is that the sound of happy little waves lapping off in the distance?? Uh hugh. I thought so. It’s the little things in life. Hope this finds you all well- much love!

Ben C.