Ho. Ho. Ho. Now I have an iPad.

So, internet, it’s been awhile since we chatted. How have you been?

I have an iPad! Thanks to a mildly not terrible year at work there was enough year end bonus cash to justify a little crass consumerism in the Coblentz household budget. It has only been a few days, but I’ve already found that my new little friend is changing the way that I use the Internet. And mostly for the better. It’s weird how touching a computer changes the way you interact with not only the device itself, but also the information it accesses. It’s hard to describe exactly what I mean, but it just makes it feel somehow more organic and human(ish). All in all, pretty neat stuff.

It became 2012 today and I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the earth still exists when I awoke this morning. I was pretty sure it would, but you never really know until you know. *fingers still crossed for the aliens coming back this year to see how we’ve been managing*

I hope to post a little more regularly now that my mobile computing options really give me no excuse not to… The next few weeks will involve the usual annual website upgrades and maybe my first video blog. We’ll have to see about that, but I’ve been enjoying the crap out of iMovie and I’m really just looking for an excuse to use it for something that doesn’t involve doing mash up videos staring my cats with a Trent Reznor soundtrack. Lord knows the Internet already has enough of that.

Until then, good night and happy new year!

Ben C.