Being on an Administrative Board is Hard!

So I joined the board of the Madison Minotaurs this year in order to contribute some of my marketing experience and give something back to the team that has done so much for me since last year. While my rugby skills could be (charitably) said to be, um, developing, it feels good to be able to help in a more immediately useful way. So far we’ve managed to make some real progress on issues that are important for our club, and I’m excited and honored to be part of our successful development as an organization.

Even still, nothing could have prepared me for how much work is involved! It’s like taking on a fourth job. Between the time commitments of being an active player, working two “real” jobs, church and working on my consulting business, there isn’t a whole lot of Ben time left at the end of the week. I feel fortunate to have so many cool things going on in my life, but good lord almighty this boy needs a vacation!

On that note I will be traveling to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness in July with my family. It can’t come soon enough. The thought of being as completely unreachable as is possible in this day and age has a definite appeal at the moment.