The Prettiest Star You’ll Ever See – My Midsummer Miscellany

There was a pretty amazing conjunction between Luna, Venus and Jupiter early this year. It lasted in various stages for months, and was among the more stunning cases of serendipitous astronomical beauty I ever expect to see in this lifetime. Now it’s July, this year a space in a long summer plagued by severe and unrelenting drought. Agricultural news was anticipating a near total loss in portions of Wisconsin, though I haven’t heard if the brief but intense thunderstorms we enjoyed last night will have any ameliorative effect on that.

Tonight I finally began the slow process of packing my apartment of the past 5 years into boxes. I will be living with my bestie, Melissa, for a few months until my next apartment opens up. Moving is a process I do not enjoy, but at least going about it over the space of a few weeks makes it less daunting than in years past. It will be quite the ping pong move this time, bouncing from the capital loop, to the far west side, to the city center. It was surprising to discover that even after 11 years, there are still parts of Madison I do not know well. I’m looking forward to the change of scenery, if not the process of getting there.

I’ve been working on a few new projects lately, some new odds and ends to pretty up the internet, and a few other endeavors that remain (at least for the moment) top secret.

Hope this finds you in good spirits and good health.