Why does it take so long to install things on a Windows machine?

So in the past year I made the leap to a Mac.  It was no easy or quick decision as I have enjoyed building my own PCs since high school, but with my old machine needing yet another upgrade I decided to try something new.

My new Mac Mini has been a little trooper so far.  I love its diminutive form factor and its comforting, nearly inaudible hum as it works tirelessly and without complaint each day from the corner of my desk.  All in all, the transition has been relatively painless.  By the time I made the final decision to switch from my PC to an Apple machine, the only real item that caused me any trepidation was the years and thousands I’d invested in software for Windows… namely Adobe Master Suite and the MS Office Suite.  A grudging upgrade to Creative Cloud and a renewed appreciation for the cloud-based Google office productivity apps later – it turns out that it wasn’t too big of a hurdle after all.

Having returned to school to pursue a two year degree in mobile application development, I now find myself in the position of needing a Windows machine again to run certain apps for my classes.  This led to the decision to partition my little buddy into two machines and run Windows 7 on BootCamp.  It works surprisingly well, but holy macaroni do i now notice a difference in the ease and speed of installing applications.  I needed to install the MS Office suite and Access for my Intro to Database course, and I swear it took like three hours and at least as many restarts!  I guess I just didn’t think it was a big deal in the past, but now I am flabbergasted by the difference in end user experience when installing basic applications between Windows and Mac OS.

That’s basically all I have to say about that.  Also, I played laser tag with some friends last night for the first time since 1996… and it was awesome!