a little something about me

Greetings!  As you may have guessed, my name is Ben Coblentz.  I’ve lived in Madison, Wisconsin since 2001 and am currently employed as an in house Marketing & Communications Manager with local company based in Verona.  I decided to start this blog for a number of reasons, chief among which is to share some of my professional insights with other folks who are involved in the marketing and design community, engage in a running dialog about interesting tidbits along a range of topics, and just generally opine on things I care about and hopefully learn a thing or two from like minded individuals (or unlike minded, for that matter).

This year I have also begun a small locally-focused consulting business, offering my services to a range of clients who need a professional solution for their marketing & design projects without the often prohibitive cost of engaging an advertising agency.  I’ve worked as an in house marketing and design professional since 2006, and am always looking for ways to help others who are just getting started and also broaden my own perspective and experience with the work I enjoy so much!

Although I do intend to write extensively on industry related topics, this is first and foremost my personal weblog, and so I will also share my own views on a number of things I think are neat for one reason or another.  It has always been my belief that when a person finds a field they are passionate about there is no need or reason to create artificial boundaries to sepparate ‘work life’ from ‘personal life.’  If you love the work you do, your work life becomes a natural extension of your personal life.  I think most professionals who are truly engaged with their work would agree.

I’m looking forward to sharing and would love to hear any feedback you have to offer.  Please feel free to leave comments for anything I post, or contact me directly at ben@bencoblentz.com.

Till next time – take care of yourselves!

Ben C.